Medservation launches its own YouTube channel “Health Celerates” in 2023

As a YouTube Health certified channel, the content is produced based on the criteria defined by YouTube Health (NAM/ WHO/ CMSS).

Health Celerates provides scientifically sound and easy-to-understand information on general health topics. The Health Celerates team brings together more than 30 doctors, specialist editors, health experts and media professionals for particularly diverse and comprehensive expertise.

As a result, topics such as chronic pain, diabetes mellitus and cancer are examined from a 360-degree perspective, ranging from sport, nutrition and prevention to mindfulness and meditation.

The first videos on the Health Celerates channel went online in mid-2023. Since then, the team of experts has produced more than 360 pieces of medical content. This includes both short clips in the “YouTube Shorts” format and more detailed videos that go into more depth on specific topics.

The clips produced as “YouTube Shorts” are also played on the company's owned TikTok channel.
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