Eat Science Health

The healthcare professional podcast with Prof. Dr. Christian Sina

“Eat Science Health” is the first vertical of the brand Health Celerates.

The internist and gastroenterologist Prof. Dr. Christian Sina, Director of the Institute of Nutritional Medicine at the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH), discusses a specific medical topic with other experts in each episode.

Prof. Dr. Christian Sina and his discussion partners explain in lay language how everyone can use the latest findings in nutritional medicine to live healthier, prevent illnesses better and treat them more effectively. Eat Science Health thus strengthens evidence-based education in Germany.

The team of experts includes the pharmacist Prof. Dr. Martin Smollich, the oncologist PD Dr. Niklas Gebauer, the gynaecologist Dr. Mirjam Wagner, the diabetologist and internist Dr. Dr. Torsten Schröder, the nutritionist Prof. Dr. Anika Wagner, the dermatologist and allergist Prof. Dr. Diamant Thaci, the psychiatrist Prof. Dr. Dr. Martin Keck and the orthopaedist Prof. Dr. Ralf Oheim.
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